Skeleton Gloves Vermilion
Skeleton Gloves Vermilion
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    Skeleton Gloves Vermilion

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    Skeleton gloves to warm your hands. Made of lambskin sourced from discarded pre-consumer leather destined for the trash can Imperfections or irregularities are to be considered a characteristic and not a defect.


    • One size fits all


    • Lambskin leather is soft and, hence, its liability to sag by time is huge. 
    • Never cover your lambskin leather with a plastic bag 


    Be very careful when cleaning lambskin leather because it is tough to clean without darkening the leather. To begin, you will simply need a clean, soft cloth. Take your cloth and slowly wipe the stain in a gentle manner, but do not scrub and do not use water, this will only stain your leather. If you have multiple, tough stains or excessive dirt and grime, use leather conditioner to pull those impurities right out. Make sure you test it first and apply gently

    Our leather gloves are individually hand crafted, small imperfections / differences in shape, size and colour can happen and are part of the charm of a handmade product. This part of the handmade process is what makes our products unique and should not be seen as a fault. The imperfections of the leather are all part of the rugged and worn look