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We got the chance to speak to Rosaline and talk about her thoughts in photography and discuss the narratives behind her photographs, the sexuality in her works and how her concepts come together. Check it out below.

How does your concept for a photoshoot come together?

It depends really. My personal work tends lend itself to my interests; usually my relationships with others. With client work there’s obviously a time limit so it has to be more planned and structured. Still, I do like to leave room for spontaneity.

Can you expand on how you use narrative in your shoots?

It’s usually pretty natural. I work a lot with people so most of the times it’s interactions between myself and my models.

There’s a particular rawness and emotional openness to your photographs, but how important is a sexual aspect to your work?

A lot of people have said that they feel really comfortable when I photograph them. Perhaps that is reflected in the way in which they assert their sexuality

What is your favourite image you’ve taken?

This probably changes every time I process a new roll of film. I think my favourites are always the latest thing that I’ve shot. I get that adrenaline rush and excitement from seeing new work that I’m really happy with,

Do you miss taking photographs if you haven’t taken them in a while?

Yeah it definitely really effects me. That’s why I’m always photographing.

What have you learned about yourself through taking photographs?

That the sky’s the limit (cheese!)


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Rosaline Shahnavaz